Announcing angel

Announcing angel icon. Reproduction of Art by Silvia Salvadori.

Sacred icon of the Announcing Angel made in tempera and pure gold leaf on wood. Simone Martini style, Sienese art. Work performed with the ancient original painting techniques of the Sienese school of the fifteenth century. Sienese gold background.
Sizes: 16 x 25 cm

Categories: Early Renaissance



Medieval painted boards. Sienese school paintings. Announcing Angel - painting by Silvia Salvadori. Reproduction of Sienese school paintings of the '300 and' 400 made with the original technique: Tempera on gilded gold leaf table - 23 k. Announcing Angel Icon. Announcing Angel. Angel icon. Sienese school paintings. tempera and pure gold on wood. Tempera and pure gold on wood. Gold background, sacred icon. Medieval Italian art. Sienese fourteenth century painting style. Painting inspired by Sienese Gothic painting. Announcing Angel Icon. Painted with the same artistic know-how as the Sienese school, unique author painting. Hand-painted tempera icon on a fully engraved pure gold background (ancient table) according to the ancient pictorial recipes in use since the 13th century in Tuscany. Painted on a gold background. Paintings made through the use of ancient painting techniques. Each work is painted on ancient wooden supports. High quality pigments are used for painting. The gilding is done by means of thin pure gold foils.
Autore: Sienese School of Painting - Artistic reproduction by © Silvia Salvadori
Sizes: 16 x 25 cm
Technique: Tempera on a pure gold background, antique table, engravings on pure gold

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