Arezzo Tuscan landscape. Abstract series

"Renaissance shapes"


They show the message that a child mind receives when he bumps into what God created.


Unable to name things, he sees them with their colour.


The pure gold background entirely engraved with a burin represents God’s space, the


maker of ideal worlds and cities; while the landscape as well as the surrounding


environment made up of primary colours represents nature. The houses, the small


Romanesque country churches, the walls but also the monuments of the city of


Arezzo are turned into geometrical shapes with pure and essential colours. The same


ones used by artists in the Renaissance.

Sizes: 25 x 25 cm

Categories: Arte Moderna



Autore: By Silvia Salvadori
Sizes: 25 x 25 cm
Technique: Tempera e oro zecchino 23 k , incisioni a bulino su tavola antica
Prezzo: Venduto / Sold€

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