Basket of Fruit Caravaggio

Basket of Fruit Caravaggio.  Art Reproduction  by Silvia Salvadori. Copy by Caravaggio.  Art reproduction of the fruit basket by Caravaggio. Faithful to the original painting of the fruit basket painted by Caravaggio. Silvia Salvadori made the exact copy of Caravaggio's painting. Work made with tempera and pure gold on wood. Work executed with the ancient pictorial techniques of the Sienese school of the fifteenth century.   Sizes: 30 x 40 cm History: The basket  of fruit is a oil painting on canvas 47 cm height and 62 cm length made between 1594 and 1598 by Caravaggio (1571-1610) and kept at the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana of Milan. The customer has chosen the gold fund for this admirable fruit composition from the Caravaggio oil painted fruit basket. In this faithful reproduction of the original, Silvia Salvadori has achieved the same realistic effects by employing a different technique, she used tempera to egg yolk. The result was of great brightness and effect, particularly visible on the ripples of leaves, on individual fruits and on transparent and almost vitree drops of water. The grapes and every single fruit, in this work take on almost photographic contours. The basket was also painted with amazing detail precision. Original: Pinacoteca Ambrosiana of Milan Sizes: 30 x 40 cm Technique: Tempera, egg, precious pigments. Gold leaf (23k), antique table. Notes: The Copy of the work "Basket of Fruit", was made by Silvia Salvadori. The painting is on 23 K Gold Background.