Madonna del Velo

Madonna del Velo, inspired by Sandro Botticelli.
Sandro Botticelli's Early Renaissance Painting Studio.

Sacred icon made with gouache and gold on board.
Work performed with the ancient painting techniques of the Sienese school of the fifteenth century.

Sizes: 84 x 46 cm

Categories: Renaissance



In this work, Silvia Savadori combines the elegance of the Virgin Mary of Pomegranate by Sandro Botticelli  with her personal style and her sketches inspired by the style of Sandro Botticelli.  Sandro Botticelli becomes the point of reference for her Renaissance-style creations. Virgin Mary has been called like this for the many transparent silk veils that wrap her hair and end up becoming a game for the Child.  Silvia Salvadori painted in the background a medieval town of Arezzo surrounded by a timid dawn, between gentle hills, cypresses and lush quercetin. Great attention has been paid to both the botanical and typical elements of the Tuscan landscape as well as the architectural elements that recall the colonnade arches of the Florentine palaces of the 400 '. The Virgin has a serene and smiling face and is also the face of the Child, intent on playing with her precious veil painted by delicate embroideries in gold pluck. Every detail is taken care to perfection.  The pillow is completely painted on gold to look like a damask fabric. The painting is rich in Gold embroidery made of shell (pure gold powder) and with the ancient technique of gold scratching on Siena's painting.  The voluminous dress accentuates the majesty of this beautiful Virgin. Many months of work and study were needed for this work. The table is of antique wood and on the back are embedded butterflies. This practice, much used in the past to link and make the boards stable to thermal variations.
Autore: Virgin Mary of Pomegranate by Sandro Botticelli. Uffizi Gallery, Florence
Sizes: 84 x 46 cm
Technique: Tempera on a gold platter 23 k, pigments from the palette of Cennino Cennini (Book of Art), pure gold powder and leaf. Antique table.

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